"Wow… you’re good Mr. Blain"

- Matt McGuire, CEO, The AML Shop

Stuart Blain is an amazing Photographer. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. A great photographer to work with

- Robert Muncaster

"Amazing! You have put so much thought into this.Thanks!"

- James Marzotto

Matt has give you very high recommendations

- Michael S

Your images are great, your attitude is superb and the rest of the staff enjoy your contribution.“ 

- Peter Odle, CEO, Urban Expeditions.

"Your edits look amazing Stuart..awesome job! Your quality is at the top of the pack"

-Dave Fitzsimmons, Senior Photo Editor | 500px

"Stuart! You've been a great addition. Thanks so much for the hard work!"

- Brian W, Photo Editor | 500px

"You keep things light, have great comments to make and contribute and are fun to be with. Thanks again for your help.

- Ian C

Hi Stuart your files are great! I like your version..I like mine as well. They are comparable, but yours is better

- A M Photography


Stuart, You made the whole thing [shoot] very easy. Thanks so much for making yesterday a fun event

- Marcelle, Shamela, AML Shop